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ClimaRad Smart Supply Solution

The ClimaRad Smart Supply Solution provides a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. A decentralised* ventilation unit with heat recovery provides clean air and removes polluted air. This only happens in warm rooms, such as the living room. This heat recovery unit provides a healthy indoor climate in an energy-efficient way. When using the ClimaRad decentralised ventilation system, incoming air is, in contrast to natural ventilation, preheated by a heat recovery unit. The ClimaRad ventilation-units have built-in sensors for air quality (CO2), humidity, and indoor and outdoor temperatures. This allows for automatic control and the user is not required to regulate the ventilation. The ClimaRad Smart Supply Solution ensures that colder rooms, bedrooms for example, are vented through ClimaRad S-Fans. These Fans provide the bedrooms with a comfortable air supply so that -in collaboration with the ventilation unit and extraction- a healty indoor air climate is created in all rooms.

*  With a decentralised ventilation system, the indoor climate of each room is controlled independently. Read more about decentralised ventilation on our website.

Advantages of the ClimaRad Smart Supply Solution
This ClimaRad Solution enables the ventilation of a house directly through the façade. As a result, there is no need for complex air ducts. The built-in sensors of the ClimaRad heat recovery units take automatic measurements based on CO2, humidity, and indoor and outdoor temperatures. In this way, the system determines how much fresh air needs to be supplied and preheated. Extraction in the so-called 'wet' rooms is provided by the ClimaRad Fan, ClimaRad MiniBox or ClimaRad MaxiBox units. These products are automatically controlled based on the air humidity and presence of people in the room.

Good to know!
The various ClimaRad Smart Supply Solution units communicate wirelessly with each other.

Smart Supply Solution for homes


Smart Supply Solution for care

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