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ClimaRad Classic Solution

The ClimaRad Classic Solution removes humid air and provides fresh air to a room. The outside air enters the home through ventilation grilles. Polluted air is removed from wet rooms (toilet, bathroom and kitchen) by way of the ClimaRad Fan, ClimaRad MiniBox or ClimaRad MaxiBox.

System expansion
The ClimaRad Classic Solution can be expanded with a wireless (RF) CO2 sensor, which measures the air quality and reacts to the CO2 level in the room. If required, the fans will automatically ventilate at a higher level. Due to the natural supply through the ventilation grilles, residents can suffer from draught in the living room. This can be solved by adding a heat recovery unit. This guarantees a pleasant indoor climate.

Good to know!
Our systems are designed so that they can be easily adapted to your situation. For instance, you can upgrade the ClimaRad Classic Solution to a ClimaRad Smart Solution.

Classic Solution Homes

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