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a healthy indoor climate arranged with care

Customised ventilation

Reduced building volume

High comfort level: no draught and outside noise

Ventilation control for each room (plug & play)

Saving energy

Healthy indoor climate

Customised ventilation

Proper ventilation in care homes is essential. The day-to-day activities of residents and staff result in a poor air quality in the rooms. When the indoor climate quality is lacking, the risk of health problems increases. Especially older people with poor health are very vulnerable in such situations. Nowadays, buildings are better insulated and there are fewer or no draughty openings. That is beneficial for the residents and staff, but it means that for good quality indoor air you are dependent on the proper functioning of your ventilation system.

Proper ventilation contributes to a comfortable building with a healthy indoor climate. ClimaRad has developed two solutions specifically for the ventilation of care homes, whereby the indoor climate is controlled to an optimum level for each room independently. Decentralised ventilation, low maintenance costs and a high comfort level make ClimaRad an ideal solution which can be widely applied in the market. Because the solutions are also aimed at individual needs, it is resulting in satisfied residents.

ClimaRad is a very intelligent ventilation solution, which can guarantee a good indoor air quality for each room.

The ClimaRad solutions are very easy to use due to the plug & play installation and they let a building "breathe" through its façade.

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Reduced building costs with the ClimaRad Solutions

A major advantage of the ClimaRad Solutions is the space saved in construction projects. Shafts, in particular, can be of smaller dimensions. After all, for this solution no ducts are required, nor is a central air handling unit. This results in a lesser floor-to-floor height. Because of this the gross volume of buildings can be up to 9% less, while the usable floor area remains the same. In existing buildings large-scale adjustments to constructions are now unnecessary when you choose a ClimaRad Solution. Because a large part of the internal technical infrastructure has become unnecessary, you can now build and operate in a cost-efficient way.


Our solutions for healthcare

When choosing a ventilation solution, it is important to look at the wishes of the care institution and at the wishes of the residents. For instance, residents want ease of use, comfort and noise reduction. Care institutions are more focused on technical aspects, and the investment and maintenance costs. Saving on energy costs and meeting energy performance contracts with the government also play a role. We will be happy to help you make the right choice. Get to know our ClimaRad solutions and ask about the options available for your own specific situation.

There are two ClimaRad ventilation solutions available for your care institution: the ClimaRad Comfort Solution and the ClimaRad Smart Solution.

The Smart Solution has been expanded with the Smart+ Solution and the Smart Supply Solution.

ClimaRad has the following solutions for the healthcare market

ClimaRad Smart Solution

A smart combination of decentralised heat recovery in the living room and natural ventilation in the bedrooms.

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ClimaRad Smart+ Solution

Decentralised heat recovery in the living room with natural ventilation and CO2-sensors in the bedrooms.

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ClimaRad Smart Supply Solution

Decentralised heat recovery in the living room and mechanical supply through ClimaRad S-Fans in the bedrooms.

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ClimaRad Comfort Solution

Each room in the building is ventilated by a ClimaRad ventilation unit with heat revocery that provides the supply and removal of ventilation air.

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