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Renovation Rijnsingel and Spuistraat in Ridderkerk

Extent324 + 297 apartments
ClientWoonvisie Ridderkerk
Consultancy firmEnergievisie B.V.
ContractorWillems Vastgoedonderhoud
InstallerBokhorst Installatiegroep, Bonarius Techniek B.V / Nima Installatietechniek B.V.
Date of completionApril 2015 / March 2017

Renovation Rijnsingel and Spuistraat in Ridderkerk


The housing corporation Woonvisie has renovated a total of 621 houses on the Spuistraat and Rijnsingel in Ridderkerk.

All houses have gone through a large increase in sustainability, ClimaRad being one of the applications. Increased comfort, a healthier living environment, and lower energy rates are the results of this action.

Our solution

The ClimaRad Smart Solution was applied in the apartments, with a ClimaRad 2.0 ventilation unit (with radiator) in the living rooms. The appliances feature a built-in HRV system, which preheats the ventilation air first to ensure comfortable ventilation without draughts. The sensors of the ventilation units and the wireless connection with the ClimaRad Fans in the toilets, bathrooms, and kitchens ensure that exactly the right amount of air is supplied at all times. This means the system works virtually automatically, while the kitchen fan can also be operated manually by means of the 4-setting switch. This way, the inhabitants can effortlessly enjoy a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

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