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We believe in a healthy indoor climate
and maximum energy savings

We believe in a healthy indoor climate and maximum energy savings. Everyone should be given the choice and opportunity to optimise the quality of their indoor climate. That is why we started extensive research into ventilation principles in 2000, which, in 2002, lead to the first generation decentralised heat recovery units with built-in sensor control. This first generation was extensively tested and in 2005 the ClimaRad unit was born. Now, more than 12 years later, our many years of experience and knowledge in the field of ventilation and heating are put into practice on a daily basis.

Thanks to our experience and continuous investment in knowledge, products and people, we have, over time, developed into the Netherlands's largest producer of decentralised ventilation concepts with heat recovery. Even though everything around us changes continuously, our goal, the production of intelligent decentralised ventilation systems with the environment and the well-being of people taking centre stage, has always remained the same.

Our products are energy-efficient, reliable, comfortable and easy to maintain. We not only deliver the product, but also offer the market strong support, in terms of preparation, installation and follow-up. In addition, we provide our customers with extensive product documentation and advice when detailing their ventilation concepts.

Our contact person

Maarten Bolkestein
Maarten Bolkestein
Sales Support and Export
Telefoon: +31 (0)541 - 358 131

Monumental: KDV (daycare centre) Zein ChildCare in The Hague


Newly-constructed housing-and-care estate De Leyhoeve Tilburg and Groningen


Renovation Rijnsingel and Spuistraat in Ridderkerk


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